Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sky is pink in Washington DC

My plan today is to visit Washington DC. It's cherry blossom time!

It is not a good idea at all to drive to DC today, traffic will be bad because the city is everyone's destination. So we decided to start our trip early and take subway instead.

We starts our trip at 9.00am. At Shady Grove station, we were full of surprise because the parking lot was packed and hundreds of people were at the platform. I even met my coworker at Metro Center station when we caught the next train to Smithsonian.

It was chilly and overcast, we hoped that once we are in DC, the weather would warm up and the sky would look nicer. But it did not, it was cold and cloudy. However, at the end of the day it was much warmer and finally the sun came out.

Lot and lot of people everywhere, it is so crowd but that the way it is every year.

Half of the walkway around Tidal Basin is flooded, are cherry trees flood resistant? Cherry trees which are closed to the basin are old, have beautiful branches. So, I am kind of worry about next year.

Cherry blossoms have been bloomed since last week. Now all the flowers are so pinkish, not as white as I normally see them every year.

Sky is pink in Washington DC today..

Sakura angel

We cannot walk around the basin this year. The goodthings are less crowd because people are scatter on the high ground and on the road. Second thing is we get to have the picture of the shadow of cherry tree in the water which is very nice!!!

On the road by Potomac River.

Flowers are the gift of nature
and create the best time of the year.

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