Sunday, April 18, 2010

I wish for ...

My Earthday Wishes

I went to Brookside Gardens (in Wheaton, Maryland) today (again :-)). For some reason, the weather is cold, and hopefully this is the last round!!!!

Today is the 'Earth Day', when I strolled along the garden, a little girl stopped me for writing any wishes or pledges in a tiny tag then stick on the tree.

What will be your wish for our beloved earth?

Somebody's pledge

Make a wish

Stick it on a weeping cherry tree

The garden is so pretty today. It is so green, spring green, so bright, so new and so refreshing. Flowers are blooming everywhere. Azalea is in line to bloom a few days from now.

Last picture, the same view as I took last year. The only different is my mom was sitting on that bench.

Azalea Garden at Brookside

I wish for more trees.
I wish for more flowers.
I wish for more love.
I wish for more peace.

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