Monday, May 11, 2009


Can you believe that when someone laughs, the world is brighter?

I had a pretty bad morning today and not in a mood to talk to anyone at all.

With the question I had, I picked up the phone and called my coworker for the answer.

I talked over the phone, something liked "I'm fine and confused'. I mean what happens for me to solve today.
He then laughed and said "I understand".

For some resaon, that laughter makes me feel like a day after rain, even though it is still gloomy but I know that the sun is going to shine soon.


homelyam said...

Just say hi ka,
love to read and know what the people think from the way they see things ka :)

Homely me said...

P'paew ka, as I wander around your blog here.I get an inspiration to write something in short and put it with one photo. Do you mind if I use your blog as my inspration?

SevenDaffodils said...


Very happy to ka.
I love the word "inspiration" na ka.