Sunday, January 18, 2009

food of love

Sunday is always a cooking day for me. Today is cold, cold and cold. I debate between buy some chinese food at chinese grocery or just cook at home. The later wins.

I cook spagetti and meat ball today. It turns out better than I thought because I am on the phone and forget what is on the stove for a little while. Good incident!!!

Talk about food, my mom made me this tiny sandwich. I had TMJ and sandwich is a big no no becasue I cannot open my mouth too wide.

So many times, I think food is another form of love. This tiny sandwich is one of the best example.

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ñam said...

mmm, me encanta tu blog. Llevo un par de días siguiéndote y ya lo he puesto en "favoritos". Las fotos, preciosas, y los comentarios, deliciosos (bueno, lo que consigo entender de ellos, que tengo un inglés muy malo)