Monday, January 26, 2009

Journey & Destination

It was snowing when I left my house this morning.

There are many ways of snow falling. I love when snow flake is floating in the air, gradually falls down to the ground. For some reason, it eases my mind and life seems to be slower.

Today is Monday, Chinese New year day and the day that I got my first review after six months at my new job. I would say I get a pretty good one.

I wonder where I am from my destination. When snow is falling, its journey is through the air and its destination might be on the ground. Well, some of the snowflake might end up on leaves, benches, or .. who knows...

But if you think twice, it is not really the end. Because when the sun comes out, snowflake will melt, then transform back to be cloud in the sky.

Learn new thing, work hard, live my life, go on with it.
I wonder what is awaiting us in the end.

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