Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Champion on the wall

Pink Champion
climb up high,
to see the sky.

Like a champion,

we have to try,
rain or shine.

One day we will
climp up high,
and see the sky.

~ Still long way to go in life.
Long way means we've still got a chance.


Poongie said...

Good poem.

Good pic.

Stig Børre Elvegård said...

Very "clean" and beautyfull. Good compositions. Like your style.

Through The Lens said...

Such a sweet blog you got. I just love the sweetness in your pics. :)
You've got yourself a follower girl

i have just started my own blog, if you wanna check it out?

Unravel said...

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Mariane said...

beautiful! well done;)