Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daffodils in Winter Time.

I went to National Botanical Gardens in DC yesterday. It was a wonderful day with beautiful sunlight and weather. There are a lot of flowers in bloom and daffodil is one of them.

It was warm in the conservatory, and if you enter to the last section in the innermost of the garden, as soon as the door opened, you would feel it "smell like spring".

It might be something so normal nowaday to see daffodils in the early February. Not only in the conservatory, you may find it even in grocery store. But I feel like it is amazing that I can see lots of daffodils in bloom at this time of year.

It is the same feeling everytime I was on the airplane and look at the sky below me.
It is something that proof to the world that "What impossible is possible".

And one thing to remind myself is even though we can have daffodils in winter time but we can not turn daffodils from yellow to blue. (Well, if at the end somebody could, I don't think you call that flower daffodils any more.)

Happy Sunday!!

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